Ursula Meier x 2

Ursula Meier x 2

With her first theatrically released feature, the 2008 Isabelle Huppert vehicle Home, French-Swiss director and screenwriter Ursula Meier established herself as a filmmaker with a singular ability to describe complicated family dynamics and the delicate relationship between environment and psychology. A rural utopia threatened by a new highway in Home; a housing project in a luxe ski resort in Sister—Meier explores the strange energy and dramatic potential of liminal settings in her boundary-obsessed films, which can’t be fenced in by simple description.

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Ursula Meier x 2
  • Home

    Directed by Ursula Meier | 98 mins | 2009
    Isabelle Huppert gives a nuanced and fascinatingly opaque performance in Meier’s tragicomic tale of a fracturing family, with La Huppert starring as the uncompromising, iconoclastic matriarch of a clan that’s forsaken society to lead an idyllic, isolated ...

  • Sister

    Directed by Ursula Meier | 97 mins | 2012
    Meier’s second collaboration with cinematographer Agnès Godard lays its scene at a posh ski resort in the snowy, scenic Swiss Alps—but instead of going in for stereotypical postcard views, Meier’s raw, wrenching Sister searches out the ugly underbelly of ...