Two by Bertrand Bonello

Two by Bertrand Bonello

His first films appearing at the turn-of-the-millennium heyday of New French Extremity, Bonello is a writer-director whose work embraces elements of grindhouse transgression and arthouse formalism, with a variegated filmography that can encompass both a sensitive concert film like "Ingrid Caven: Music and Voice" and a gelid terror attack thriller/consumerist satire like "Nocturama"—two key films in one of the finest bodies of work in French cinema over the last quarter century.

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Two by Bertrand Bonello
  • Nocturama

    Directed by Bertrand Bonello | 130 mins | 2016
    Opening with a group of teens prowling the streets of Paris, in the midst of pulling off a bombing plot, Bonello’s film soon becomes something altogether different, as these vacant subversives tuck away inside a department store and lose themselves i...

  • Ingrid Caven: Music and Voice

    Directed by Bertrand Bonello | 95 mins | 2012
    Bonello’s cinematic salute to the enduringly enigmatic presence of R.W. Fassbinder muse Caven focuses on her career as celebrated avant-garde chanteuse, documenting one of her infamous cabaret-style shows combining popular standards and performance ar...