Three by Pere Portabella

Three by Pere Portabella

Beginning his filmmaking career in repressive Francoist Spain, Catalan filmmaker Portabella’s diverse body of work—ranging from surrealist-tinged social satire to documentary—is united in its consistent opposition to power, from old-school authoritarianism to neoliberal rapacity. Here you can sample a cross-section of his remarkable filmography, including his experimental Vampir-Cuadecuc (assembled from behind-the-scenes footage of Jesús Franco’s 1970 Count Dracula) and the two parts of his nonfiction General Report which, separated by 40 years, survey vast swathes of Spanish and Catalan history.

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Three by Pere Portabella
  • General Report

    Directed by Pere Portabella | 240 mins | 1976
    Shot in the exhilarating months after the death of Spain’s long-reigning right-wing dictator Francisco Franco, Portabella’s epic General Report applies fiction filmmaking techniques to a documentary subject, depicting the effort of advocates of democr...

  • General Report II: The New Abduction Of Europe

    Directed by Pere Portabella | 126 mins | 2016
    Forty years after issuing his first General Report—and after the death of dictator Francisco Franco—Portabella took a close look at Spain after four decades of democracy, his consultations with politicians, activists, and other experts revealing a con...

  • Vampir-Cuadecuc

    Directed by Pere Portabella | 66 mins | 1970
    Shot on black-and-white 16mm stock on the set of Eurosleaze maestro Jesús Franco’s 1970 Christopher Lee vehicle Count Dracula, Portabella’s cult classic is a richly atmospheric metacommentary on filmmaking that blurs the boundaries between the real and...