Three by Michael Almereyda

Three by Michael Almereyda

A trio of lesser-seen works by the stubbornly independent, boundlessly curious, and always radically experimental Almereyda (Twister, Nadja, Tesla): William Eggleston in the Real World, a portrait of pioneer color art photographer and Memphis legend; Paradise, a sketchbook film made up of vignettes captured over the course of a decade of travel; and Escapes, Almereyda’s film on flamenco dancer, actor, Blade Runner screenwriter, and nonpareil raconteur Hampton Fancher.

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Three by Michael Almereyda
  • Escapes

    Directed by Michael Almereyda | 89 mins | 2017
    A funny and fantastically absorbing guided tour through Hollywood led by Almereyda’s subject, the actor, screenwriter, bon vivant, and all-round raconteur par excellence Hampton Fancher, best known for penning the script to Blade Runner and its recen...

  • Paradise

    Directed by Michael Almereyda | 82 mins | 2009
    Part sketchbook, part diary, part collage, part panorama, the material that makes up Paradise was culled from footage shot over the course of a decade of travel in two dozen cities and nine different countries. “Exquisite. Both high art and rousing e...

  • William Eggleston in the Real World

    Directed by Michael Almereyda | 87 mins | 2005
    Eggleston, the man who did more than any other single individual to legitimize color photography as an artform, gets a fittingly daring film portrait from Almeredya, seen at work and out and about in his home base of Memphis, Tennessee. “Uncannily re...