Three by Lav Diaz

Three by Lav Diaz

Three meditative epics ruminating on the interconnection of past and present by Lav Diaz, “perhaps the world’s most celebrated Filipino filmmaker” (SlashFilm), in the director’s native Philippines. Featuring 2014’s From What is Before, a ravishingly gorgeous period piece set in a remote town during the days of the Marcos dictatorship that took home the prestigious Golden Leopard at Locarno; 2014’s Storm Children, Diaz’s observational documentary looking at the devastation wrought on one coastal town by typhoon Yolanda; and 2016’s The Day Before the End, an apocalyptic vision of climate catastrophe set in the year 2050.

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Three by Lav Diaz
  • The Day Before the End

    Directed by Lav Diaz | 17 mins | 2016
    Known for the titanic runtimes of his films, Diaz is also a master of the short form, as proven by The Day Before the End, a work of speculative, dystopian fiction set in the year 2050, as the people of the Philippines brace for an apocalyptic storm to thrash...

  • Storm Children

    Directed by Lav Diaz | 143 mins | 2014
    Diaz, in documentarian mode, sifts through the wreckage—human and otherwise—left behind following the devastating impact of typhoon Yolanda on the seaside city of Tacloban in this gorgeously shot black-and-white work, which focuses its attention on three chi...

  • From What is Before

    Directed by Lav Diaz | 338 mins | 2014
    Winner of the Golden Leopard for Best Film at the Locarno film festival, Diaz’s down-to-earth epic, set in the 1970s, under the Marcos dictatorship, describes a chain of unusual and possibly supernatural phenomena as they affect a small Philippine country vi...