Playing In Theater

Playing In Theater

Titles and series now screening at 7 Ludlow, available on demand for Metrograph Members.

Playing In Theater
  • Fistful of Love

    Directed by Reynaldo Rivera | 103 mins | 2024
    The debut feature of Mexico-born, Los Angeles-based photographer Rivera—currently the subject of a solo exhibition at MoMA PS1—makes extensive use of his immense personal archive of Hi8 tapes. Vignettes from Rivera’s life in both Mexico and California...

  • The Koumiko Mystery

    Directed by Chris Marker | 46 mins | 1965
    Filmed during the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which permanently altered the city, Marker’s first of many portraits of the Japanese capital follows a young woman on a guided tour of her hometown. A thrilling city symphony/essay film, capturing the thro...

  • Suburban Birds

    Directed by Qiu Sheng | 112 mins | 2019
    A bold and beguiling opening salvo from a singular talent, twining together two distinct narrative strands—one involving land surveyors preparing for the laying of subway tracks investigating a strange phenomenon in the sinking soil of a suburban developmen...

  • Totally F***ed Up

    Directed by Gregg Araki | 79 mins | 1993
    The first film of Araki’s “Teenage Apocalypse” trilogy, which the director once described as a “cross between avant-garde experimental cinema and a queer John Hughes flick,” "Totally F***ed Up" focuses on six gay adolescents who, rejected by their families...

  • So Pretty

    Directed by Jessica Dunn Rovinelli | 83 mins | 2019
    Two young queer couples in New York City—transgender artist Tonia and her American academic boyfriend Franz; transwoman musician Erika and her political radical transmasculine partner Paul—find their daily lives gradually merging with the action...

  • From Director to Producer: Davy Chou Selects

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    Arriving June 22

    Born in France to Cambodian parents, Davy Chou—director, producer, teacher, and film historian—has been an energetic and boundlessly enthusiastic advocate for cinema in Europe and Asia both, where his organization of workshops and role as one of the founders of the collective Ko...

  • As Seen by Dieudo Hamadi

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    Born in Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1984, Hamadi is one of the most compelling talents in contemporary African cinema and international nonfiction filmmaking as a whole. His intimately observed documentary works fix an acutely modern lens on urgent social issues and protracted political c...

  • Reassembly: The Films of Bill Morrison

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    Arriving June 15

    Known for his hand-in-glove creative collaborations with contemporary composers and his capacity to conduct scraps of archival film as though they were players in a symphony orchestra, Morrison is one of the most lauded experimental filmmakers to emerge in the last 30+ years. En...