New Arrivals

New Arrivals

New Arrivals
  • As Seen by Dieudo Hamadi

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    Born in Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1984, Hamadi is one of the most compelling talents in contemporary African cinema and international nonfiction filmmaking as a whole. His intimately observed documentary works fix an acutely modern lens on urgent social issues and protracted political c...

  • Sean Price Williams Selects

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    Acclaimed cinematographer (for the Safdie Brothers, Alex Ross Perry, and many others), director (of 2023’s "The Sweet East"), cinephile guru (his 1000 Movies, a list of all-time favorites, has been published by Metrograph Editions), and long-time video store clerk, Sean Price Williams has seen as...

  • Little Joe Selects

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    Published between 2010 and 2021, cult periodical par excellence "Little Joe" put a decidedly queer spin on the conversation surrounding cinema and its history. To accompany the publication of a new collection of some of the finest essays, stories, and interviews from throughout "Little Joe"’s his...

  • Pride on Metrograph At Home

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    Summer is coming on fast, and with it comes Pride Month, a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community that began in the wake of the Stonewall Uprising of 1969 and has continued (and grown) ever since. Metrograph At Home has drummed up a parade of brazenly queer cinema from the likes of Apichatpong Weera...

  • Frontier
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by David Zellner | 82 mins | 2001
    Years before "Sasquatch Sunset," the Zellner Brothers made a foray into post-lingual cinema with the farcical fable Frontier, a knockabout surrealist comedy about two members of a research team who go native while on assignment in a stretch of uncharted ...

  • Four by Tsai Ming-liang

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    For the past 35 years, director Tsai has distinguished himself as one of the most tirelessly brilliant filmmakers in the world with his achingly empathetic, beautifully crafted films about love, longing, sex, and urban alienation, the through line between them his subtly expressive muse, Lee Kang...

  • From Director to Producer: Davy Chou Selects

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    Arriving June 22

    Born in France to Cambodian parents, Davy Chou—director, producer, teacher, and film historian—has been an energetic and boundlessly enthusiastic advocate for cinema in Europe and Asia both, where his organization of workshops and role as one of the founders of the collective Ko...

  • Reassembly: The Films of Bill Morrison

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    Arriving June 15

    Known for his hand-in-glove creative collaborations with contemporary composers and his capacity to conduct scraps of archival film as though they were players in a symphony orchestra, Morrison is one of the most lauded experimental filmmakers to emerge in the last 30+ years. En...

  • Fistful of Love

    Directed by Reynaldo Rivera | 103 mins | 2024
    The debut feature of Mexico-born, Los Angeles-based photographer Rivera—currently the subject of a solo exhibition at MoMA PS1—makes extensive use of his immense personal archive of Hi8 tapes. Vignettes from Rivera’s life in both Mexico and California...

  • All the Colours of the World Are Between Black and White


    Directed by Babatunde Apalowo | 93 mins | 2023
    A tender, yearning city symphony that shows the quiet blossoming of romantic love between two men in a society—contemporary Nigeria—that spurns such attachments, Apalowo’s feature debut observes motorcycle courier Bambino (Tope Tedela) and photograph...

  • The Hole

    Directed by Tsai Ming-liang | 89 mins | 1999
    It’s the close of the millennium and Taipei has emptied out with the onset of a mysterious virus, but Lee Kang-sheng and Yang Kuei-mei lag behind among the ruins, where maybe a last chance at communication lies through a breach between their apartments...

  • Tarnation

    Directed by Jonathan Caouette | 92 mins | 2003
    A combination of video diary, dysfunctional family scrapbook, found footage documentary, and pop musical elegy, Caouette’s poignant, powerful breakthrough film tells the harrowing story of the filmmaker’s life, covering his mother’s damaging exposure...

  • 35 Shots of Rum

    Directed by Claire Denis | 100 mins | 2008
    “It’s the best father-daughter movie I can think of. And it’s one of the greatest romances, too… The dance sequence to 'Night Shift' by the Commodores is not able to be described. We are witness to the most magical thing that can happen between two peopl...

  • Thundercrack!

    Directed by Curt McDowell | 159 mins | 1975
    Written by and co-starring underground legend George Kuchar, McDowell’s pornographic, polymorphously perverse epic is a gaspingly funny, proudly flamboyant camp send-up of the Victorian “old dark house” mystery in which eight horned-up men and women and...

  • 4 Days in France

    Directed by Jérôme Reybaud | 141 mins | 2016
    Parisian Pierre (Pascal Cervo) impulsively leaves his boyfriend Paul (Arthur Igual) behind and hits the backroads of rural France in Reybaud’s droll, sexy road movie for the dating-app age. Pierre makes his way between Grindr dates and cruising destina...

  • BloodSisters

    Directed by Michelle Handelman | 69 mins | 1995
    A headlong plunge into the thriving “leatherdyke” BDSM community of ’90s San Francisco, Handelman’s film lets its eight subjects—all active participants in the leather scene—discuss private fantasy and public activism before the camera, as well as l...

  • I.K.U.

    Directed by Shu Lea Cheang | 67 mins | 2000
    Sexed-up replicants roam the faceless cities of the future, providing no-strings orgasmic delights to unwitting prey who have their erotic data mined for corporate databases in net artist Cheang’s feminist cyberpunk porn, which envisages a gender-blurre...

  • Days

    Directed by Tsai Ming-liang | 127 mins | 2020
    The parallel narratives of a middle-aged man seeking treatment for a chronic illness in Hong Kong (Lee Kang-sheng) and a Laotian immigrant in Bangkok (Anong Houngheuangsy) eventually, finally, meet in a moment of ecstatic release.

  • Downstream to Kinshasa

    Directed by Dieudo Hamadi | 90 mins | 2020
    The first Congolese film to be made an Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival, Hamadi’s morally urgent documentary follows a journey undertaken by victims of the Six-Day War of 2000 waged between the Ugandan and Rwandan armies in the city of Kisa...

  • Kinshasa Makambo

    Directed by Dieudo Hamadi | 74 mins | 2018
    Hamadi’s utterly compelling, fervid film focuses on three young activists who’ve dedicated themselves completely to freeing the Democratic Republic of Congo from the junta of strongman President Joseph Kabila, demonstrating in favor of free elections in ...

  • L.A. Plays Itself

    Directed by Fred Halstead | 55 mins | 1972
    Elliptically edited, narratively experimental, and majestically skeevy, Halsted’s sadomasochistic porno opus of innocence despoiled opens in the elysian fields outside of Los Angeles city limits, then plunges into the hot, hedonistic bowels of the devili...

  • Ladies in Waiting

    Directed by Dieudo Hamadi | 24 mins | 2010
    Hamadi and co-director Divita Wa Lusala’s expose of exploitative practices at the Kitambo maternity clinic in Kinshasa, where mercenary administrators essentially hold hostage the penniless mothers entrusted to their care.

  • Mama Colonel

    Directed by Dieudo Hamadi | 72 mins | 2017
    The title of Hamadi’s film comes from the nickname of its subject, Honorine Manyole, a colonel in the Congolese police force heading a unit specializing in the protection of minors and the prevention and prosecution of sexual violence. An obviously admir...

  • National Diploma

    Directed by Dieudo Hamadi | 92 mins | 2014

    Expelled from high school for unpaid tuition fees, a group of young people in Kisangani attempt to prepare on their own to take the national exam. A sharply observed vérité work, offering a subtle but unmistakable critique of the education system in the...