Joanna Hogg x 3

Joanna Hogg x 3

Though she started making experimental films with a Super 8 camera borrowed from mentor Derek Jarman when she was barely 20, Joanna Hogg was 47 years old when she directed her first feature, 2007’s Unrelated. Her late start may account somewhat for the total assurance of that film and those that follow—the manner in which she immediately establishes her distinctively distanced, observational style; her enigmatic balance of tone; and her favorite subjects for study. In her first three features, available here, one glimpses clashes between sexes, generations, and classes beneath the apparently placid surface of every image—a perfectly coherent trilogy in which each film is unique.

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Joanna Hogg x 3
  • Unrelated

    Directed by Joanna Hogg | 100 mins | 2007
    Anna (Kathryn Worth) arrives in Tuscany to visit her school friend Verena (Mary Roscoe), Verena’s cousin, and her new husband—but to the dismay of all, 45-year-old Anna seems more interested in spending time with the trio’s teenaged kids (including a youn...

  • Archipelago

    Directed by Joanna Hogg | 114 mins | 2010
    Young Edward (Tom Hiddleston) is lured into a holiday in Cornwall by his mother and aunt, whose motives are as mysterious to the unmoored Edward as he is to himself. Looking on this atomized family with typically patient reserve, Hogg offers an ethnograph...

  • Exhibition

    Directed by Joanna Hogg | 104 mins | 2013
    Two married, childless fifty-something artists (Viv Albertine of the Slits and Liam Gillick) share an austere modernist townhouse and a crushing sense of ennui in Hogg’s third feature, a study in second-nature cohabitation that’s as precise in its rigorou...