From Director to Producer: Davy Chou Selects

From Director to Producer: Davy Chou Selects

Born in France to Cambodian parents, Davy Chou—director, producer, teacher, and film historian—has been an energetic and boundlessly enthusiastic advocate for cinema in Europe and Asia both, where his organization of workshops and role as one of the founders of the collective Kon Khmer Koun Khmer has helped to gestate a new generation of talent in Cambodia. Accompanying our in-theater program, Metrograph presents a series of streaming premieres of recent, notable Cambodian shorts, including Chou's 2014 short "Cambodia 2099," alongside films that bear Chou’s indelible imprint as producer with Anti-Archive, such as Kavich Neang’s "Last Night I Saw You Smiling."

From Director to Producer: Davy Chou Selects
  • Sunrise In My Mind

    Directed by Danech San | 14 mins | 2020
    A beautician working the night shift at a Phnom Penh salon endures her co-worker’s jibes about a local deliveryman who appears with puppyish regularity, pining for her—but when he shows up on a break from his appointed rounds for a shampoo, there is a sugge...

  • New Land Broken Road

    Directed by Kavich Neang | 15 mins | 2018
    Piled onto a single motorbike, three young hip-hop dancers crossing Phnom Penh stop on a deserted road to search for a rumored missing iPhone, and find themselves ensorcelled by the neon lights of a female street vendor’s food cart. A fluidly sketched han...

  • Last Night I Saw You Smiling

    Directed by Kavich Neang | 78 mins | 2019
    "Kavich Neang is one of the founders of Anti-Archive. Made in a hurry and without a plan, due to the circumstances of the imminent demolition of the iconic building where Kavich has always lived with his family, 'Last Night I Saw You Smiling' is a miracul...

  • Cambodia 2099

    Directed by Davy Chou | 21 mins | 2014
    Two friends, Sotha and Kavich, discuss their dreams of the previous evening on a bright day on Phnom Penh’s Diamond Island as Kavich prepares to break the news to his girlfriend of his impending move to join his mother in California. Chou’s film, down to its...

  • California Dreaming

    Directed by Sreylin Meas | 16 mins | 2019
    A chance encounter at a seaside resort between two women of very different backgrounds—a guest at the hotel and an employee—leads to the discovery of an unexpected linkage between the pair in Meas’s languorous, minimalistic short, evocative of faded photo...

  • A Million Years

    Directed by Danech San | 21 mins | 2018
    At a riverfront restaurant in Cambodia, a young woman recounts stories from her life to a friend, her stream-of-conscious-like monologue echoing the flow of the water before them, while the background of unspoiled nature gradually begins to overtake the hum...