Four by Dan Sallitt

Four by Dan Sallitt

A New York-based filmmaker whose filmmaking approach owes more to acknowledged foreign masters Éric Rohmer, Maurice Pialat, and Mikio Naruse, the slim but exquisite body of work that Sallitt has created over the last 30+ years—films of understated drama and enormous emotional insight—have won him a small but ardent pack of admirers, among them Arnaud Desplechin. One of the best-kept secrets in American independent cinema.

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Four by Dan Sallitt
  • Fourteen

    Directed by Dan Sallitt | 94 mins | 2019
    A lovingly detailed, bittersweet depiction of female friendship, Fourteen tracks several years in the lives of teacher’s aide Mara (Tallie Medel) and social worker Jo (Norma Kuhling), through the vicissitudes of dating in their twenties and into choppier w...

  • Caterina

    Directed by Dan Sallitt | 17 mins | 2019
    A sensitive, intimate, episodic character study in miniature, as perfect as a cameo brooch, of the title’s Caterina, played by Agustina Muñoz: an Argentinian quietly observing the rush of life in her adoptive home of New York, her gradual decision to cut t...

  • All The Ships At Sea

    Directed by Dan Sallitt | 64 mins | 2004
    Loosely inspired by William James’s "The Varieties of Religious Experience," Sallitt’s scintillating sophomore feature revolves around the verbal joustings of two siblings—one a defector from a New Age cult, the other a Catholic theologian—on the topics of...

  • Honeymoon

    Directed by Dan Sallit | 90 mins | 1998
    A film about the inconvenient mystery of sexual chemistry, Sallitt’s provocative sophomore feature focuses on a pair of long-time friends who decide on a whim to get married—only to discover that their compatibility doesn’t extend to what happens in the bed...