Five from Lucy Kerr

Five from Lucy Kerr

Prior to her debut feature "Family Portrait," the Texas-born filmmaker and CalArts graduate Kerr made a number of shorts that each inhabit and expand a moment of performance or, sometimes quite literally, of physical suspension. Kerr explores transformation and risk in arenas ranging from a stuntwoman’s practice, a teenage sleepover ritual, and roller-coaster rides beheld in beatific close-up. Drawing upon her past training as a choreographer, she excavates spaces of contemplation that achieve a kind of escape velocity from the activity at hand.

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Five from Lucy Kerr
  • Lucy Kerr on "Family Portrait"

    Directed by Metrograph | 2 mins | 2024
    Filmmaker Lucy Kerr introduces her film "Family Portrait."

  • Family Portrait

    Directed by Lucy Kerr | 72 mins | 2023
    Deploying masterful Steadicam and ominous sound design, Kerr’s enigmatic and disquieting feature debut takes place one summer day on an idyllic estate in Texas. A large family gathers to take a group picture, only for the matriarch to disappear and the rest ...

  • Lydon

    Directed by Lucy Kerr | 3 mins | 2018
    This rarely presented early short explores what Kerr described as “the potential of a minimal gesture” in relation to its surrounding space.

  • Crashing Waves

    Directed by Lucy Kerr | 19 mins | 2021
    A stuntwoman’s recollection of plunging a car into the ocean is refracted into three segments that reflect upon image creation.

  • Site of Passage

    Directed by Lucy Kerr | 7 mins | 2022
    Entering the realm of the teenage sleepover, Kerr stages the rituals and games of a group of teenage girls as unnerving choreographies of mystery and intention.

  • Sensible Ecstasy

    Directed by Lucy Kerr | 7 mins | 2018
    Kerr’s three-channel installation turns rides on roller-coasters into something like lives of the saints, through Dreyer-esque close-ups on the emotive faces of passengers.