Barobar Jagtana: Three Works from Suneil Sanzgiri

Barobar Jagtana: Three Works from Suneil Sanzgiri

Producing a dazzling array of experimental videos, installations, essays, and animations, Indian American multi-hyphenate Sanzgiri, subject of a Brooklyn Museum retrospective last October, has quickly established himself as a vital, rigorous dissident force in several sectors of the art world. The short works here—At Home But Not at Home, Letter From Your Far-Off Country, and Golden Jubilee—form a lose trilogy addressing matters pertaining to ancestral heritage, systems of oppression, diasporic history, and the still unfolding story of colonial and neo-colonial rapacity.

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Barobar Jagtana: Three Works from Suneil Sanzgiri
  • Letter From Your Far Off Country

    Directed by Suneil Sanzgiri | 18 mins | 2020
    Footage shot on expired 16mm film stock in the midst of the violent 2020 clashes between Hindus and Muslims in Delhi forms the basis for Sanzgiri’s film, a petition for solidarity, addressed as a letter to distant relative Prabhakar Sanzgiri, a Communi...

  • At Home But Not At Home

    Directed by Suneil Sanzgiri | 11 mins | 2019
    Combining excerpts from India’s Parallel Cinema movement, 16mm drone footage, and family Skype interviews, Sanzgiri’s film recounts an unorthodox history of various interlocked anti-colonial liberation movements as seen at a mediated distance, using hi...

  • Golden Jubilee

    Directed by Suneil Sanzgiri | 19 mins | 2021
    Sanzgiri’s third cinematic meditation on diaspora and memory begins with scenes of the filmmaker’s father making his way through a virtual rendering of his ancestral home in Goa. Sanzgiri interweaves images shot on analog film with computer renderings ...