As Seen by Dieudo Hamadi

As Seen by Dieudo Hamadi

Born in Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1984, Hamadi is one of the most compelling talents in contemporary African cinema and international nonfiction filmmaking as a whole. His intimately observed documentary works fix an acutely modern lens on urgent social issues and protracted political conflicts in the DRC and wider Sub-Saharan Africa while also remaining grounded in the concrete through their director’s alertness to everyday detail. Bringing together early films like "Mama Colonel" and "Kinshasa Makambo" with 2020’s "Downstream to Kinshasa," this series focuses on a vital body of work by a still-young filmmaker at the vanguard of modern documentary.

As Seen by Dieudo Hamadi
  • Downstream to Kinshasa

    Directed by Dieudo Hamadi | 90 mins | 2020
    The first Congolese film to be made an Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival, Hamadi’s morally urgent documentary follows a journey undertaken by victims of the Six-Day War of 2000 waged between the Ugandan and Rwandan armies in the city of Kisa...

  • Zero Tolerance

    Directed by Dieudo Hamadi | 17 mins | 2010
    A short documentary film focused on the work of Bukavu's Sexual Violence Unit, which specializes in the protection of minors and the prevention and prosecution of sexual violence, and the legacy of rape as a weapon of war in the Democratic Republic of Co...

  • Kinshasa Makambo

    Directed by Dieudo Hamadi | 74 mins | 2018
    Hamadi’s utterly compelling, fervid film focuses on three young activists who’ve dedicated themselves completely to freeing the Democratic Republic of Congo from the junta of strongman President Joseph Kabila, demonstrating in favor of free elections in ...

  • Mama Colonel

    Directed by Dieudo Hamadi | 72 mins | 2017
    The title of Hamadi’s film comes from the nickname of its subject, Honorine Manyole, a colonel in the Congolese police force heading a unit specializing in the protection of minors and the prevention and prosecution of sexual violence. An obviously admir...

  • National Diploma

    Directed by Dieudo Hamadi | 92 mins | 2014

    Expelled from high school for unpaid tuition fees, a group of young people in Kisangani attempt to prepare on their own to take the national exam. A sharply observed vérité work, offering a subtle but unmistakable critique of the education system in the...

  • Ladies in Waiting

    Directed by Dieudo Hamadi | 24 mins | 2010
    Hamadi and co-director Divita Wa Lusala’s expose of exploitative practices at the Kitambo maternity clinic in Kinshasa, where mercenary administrators essentially hold hostage the penniless mothers entrusted to their care.