A Dog's Life

A Dog's Life

Man’s best friend has been a pretty good pal to movies since at least the days of Rescued by Rover (1905), and in honor of all of our canine companions—good boys and girls, all—we’re bringing together two real life studies that honor them: Buddy, a poignant study of the bonds between service dogs and their owners, and Los Reyes, which observes life at a skate park in Santiago as seen by the eyes of Chola and Football, two mutts who live on its grounds.

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A Dog's Life
  • Buddy

    Directed by Heddy Honigmann | 86 mins | 2018
    Renowned Dutch documentarian Honigmann tells the stories of six highly skilled service dogs trained to assist their owners to negotiate lives that are often difficult in the extreme in this moving, elegant meditation on the ties that bind human and ani...

  • Los Reyes

    Directed by Bettina Perut and Ivan Osnovikoff | 75 mins | 2018
    Perut and Osnovikoff give us the world through a canine perspective in this unexpected and original nonfiction work which focuses on two dogs, Chola and Football, and the stories they hear and sights they see around their home, a skat...